Political and corporate expertise. A passion for data.

Our team has worked at the top levels of politics and business. We have a breadth of knowledge and experience across research, statistics, data science and engineering, political science and economics. We are driven, critical thinkers hard-wired to challenge and innovate in all we do.

Kieran Kumaria

Managing Director

Kieran leads Stack's commercial, technology and business operations.

Joe Slater


Joe leads on project delivery for Stack for a range of political and corporate clients.

Aaron Iftikhar


Aaron leads on technical product creation at Stack, with a particular focus on Bayesian modelling, MRP and election modelling.

Marina Ziemian

Associate Director

Marina specialises in the analysis and visualisation of complex datasets, with a focus on political and corporate reputation.

Nick Partington

Associate Director

Nick works on data analysis with a focus on providing strategic insight for Stack's political and corporate clients.

Jai Bhambra

Senior Analyst

Jai’s work at Stack focuses on the development and implementation of predictive algorithms to help clients understand the political spectrum.

Twan van der Togt


Twan's work at Stack revolves around data analysis and visualisation, drawing insights from polling and electoral data for clients in politics and business.

James Maxia


Damayanti Chatterjee